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UConn's story has been shaped not only by our internal drive for excellence, but by the touchstones of a constantly-evolving society. This collection of articles and photographs, originally published in the UConn Advance, chronicles noteworthy and memorabale moments in the life of the University of Connecticut.


Commencement Milestones

The History of Advanced Degree Commencement

The History of Convocation

Summer Sessions at UConn

The School of Pharmacy Began in 1925

UConn's Phi Beta Kappa Chapter is Founded in 1956

The Birth of the UConn Health Center



Husky Fight Songs

100 Years of Women's Basketball

Remembering UConn's First African-American Basketball Star

Requiem for a Football Hero

The Beloved Football Squad of 1924

UConn's Husky Meets the Rhody Ram

100 Years of Men's Basketball


Beginnings & Founding

Edwin Whitney: The Beginning Part 1

Edwin Whitney:  The Beginning Part 2

The Storrs Brothers

Founders' Day

The Opening of Storrs Agricultural School

A University is Born


Campuses and Facilities

Mirror Lake Formed in 1922

Little Stone House

Storrs Hall - 1905

Hawley Armory

A History of the Greater Hartford campus

UConn's Fort Trumbull Campus

A Who's Who Guide to UConn Buildings

The Evolution of a University Bookstore

UConn's Natural History Museum

A History of the Wilbur Cross Building



The Contributions of G. Safford Torrey

The Impact of Nathan Whetten

The Legacy of Henry R. Monteith



Benjamin Koons - First President

President Charles L. Beach

1935: The Gag Rule, the Mascot, and a New President

The Babbidge Era: 1962 - 1972


Student Life

First African-American Students

Student Government

The Druids: UConn's Secret Society

1938 Hurricane - Part 1

1938 Hurricane - Part 2

Student Conduct Code

Student Conduct Code - Part 2

UConn Radio

Freshmen Orientation

Campus Community Carnival

A Time of Reflection

Women's Center Celebrates 30 years



Traditions of the Fall- Part 1

Traditions of the Fall- Part 2

Homecoming Becomes a Fall Tradition

UConn Blue and White

UConn Orange?

A History of Jonathan - Part 1

A History of Jonathan - Part 2

Japanese American Student's Story

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt Visits Storrs

First Caps and Gowns

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